Laura Marie Brown


Hello. I am a freelance copywriter, PR, Editor, Strategist, Proofreader and Social Media Consultant.

I work in arts and culture, technology, retail and tourism but my approach is consistent across the board.

What I do is simple, really.

I combine good writing with understanding audiences.

If you know your audience you know how to get your message across.

A freelance copywriter is one of those really useful things. Once you use one you wonder how you got the job done before. Basically we come in, use all our expertise and experience to make sure what you’re doing sounds great, connects with your target audience and is being sold properly. We articulate what you’re doing, simple as that. I’m an award-winning journalist, a communications expert and most importantly a cracking writer. Have a look through my portfolio page, I update it as soon as a finish a copywriting job so it’s always up to date.

I write a lot of different things (this is the joy of being a freelance writer, really). You’ll find I write blogs, articles, scripts, reports and website content. I’m really good at taking a lot of complicated and technical information and turning it into something clear, concise and engaging. Something that’s easy to understand means it’s simpler to get your point across.

Read my blog below, it’s all about creative business, freelance working, being a copywriter and cat pages (cos y’know it’s the internet). I’ve been known to present these ideas in workshops and things like that. If you’re looking for someone to talk about stuff like this, I have form.

You might be right in the middle of a project, you might be right at the beginning; where you are if you need help or support from a freelance copywriter then drop me a line at


Can Corbyn continue with just social media?

Jeremy Corbyn’s strategy to bypass the traditional media in favour of social media is certainly brave, but will it work? His election as Labour leader feels as though it’s a shift; much of the support generated during his campaign was centred online without mainstream media support. But the ongoing 24 hour news cycle and dominance of […]

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The Photocopy Theory and Labour

Jeremy Corbyn is, a leftie friend told me this week, the Labour membership screaming “I’m mad as hell and I just can’t take it anymore”. People have said that a lot about Labour in the past five years. This is the moment the membership with shake the leadership out of its fugue. This is the […]

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Impartiality is not weakness

We are so utterly surrounded by bias that we often fail to recognise the importance (and difficulty) of walking the fine line in the middle. The inevitable consequence is that we make no one happy and infuriate everyone. The BBC’s commitment to impartiality is vital, it should be an ambition of the media, instead it’s […]

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