Laura Marie Brown

I work with arts organisations, festivals, businesses and projects to help them tell their story.

Whether through good copy, through PR and promotion, brand development or social media I help people talk to their target audience, clearly, creatively and engagingly.

Understanding audience, developing a strategy and a plan helps people plan their resources and figure out what they want to say and how they want to say it. That might sound simple, but it is really.

As a copywriter I write everything from blogs, press releases to reports and strategy. As a PR I use my contacts and understanding of the media and how it works to build a profile and promoteĀ a project, a person or a place.

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You might be right in the middle of a project, you might be right at the beginning; where you are if you need help or support from a freelance copywriter then drop me a line at


Time to call it as you see it

I’ve spent nearly 15 years working in the creative industries, as journalist, PR, employee and employer. And I’ll tell you this; it’s not getting any more diverse or reflective of us as a society. We need to do more. It isn’t enough to hope it’s going to change. We need to sit on boards, to […]

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Can’t hold your tongue? Maybe self employment isn’t for you

I actively avoid confrontation. Anyone who knows my family and me might find this surprising. We are sharp, so sharp we could cut ourselves, my brother and I were frequently told. We like having the last word. We are impatient with unfairness. We have high standards. We bicker, have long (LONG) debates about anything from […]

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Well, that went well.

Five years ago it was cold. Really cold. I had handed in my notice to my sociopathic boss, walked out into a bitter winter armed with nothing but my wits and a commission to make a documentary on Terence Davies for the BBC. 2011 was an uncertain tumult. And it was cold. Bitter. Snow law […]

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