Laura Marie Brown


Hello. I am a Marketing and PR Consultant, Social Media Strategist and Copywriter.

I work in arts and culture, technology, retail and place-based branding but my approach is consistent across the board.

What I do is simple, really.

I combine good writing with understanding audiences.

If you know your audience you know how to get your message across.

A freelance copywriter is one of those really useful things. Once you use one you wonder how you got the job done before. Basically we come in, use all our expertise and experience to make sure what you’re doing sounds great, connects with your target audience and is being sold properly. We articulate what you’re doing, simple as that. I’m an award-winning journalist, a communications expert and most importantly a cracking writer. Have a look through my portfolio page, I update it as soon as a finish a copywriting job so it’s always up to date.

I write a lot of different things (this is the joy of being a freelance writer, really). You’ll find I write blogs, articles, scripts, reports and website content. I’m really good at taking a lot of complicated and technical information and turning it into something clear, concise and engaging. Something that’s easy to understand means it’s simpler to get your point across.

As a consultant I work with brands, organisations and individuals to help them connect with their audiences. Language is my thing. It’s all about developing a narrative.

I specialise in digital storytelling; how can you use digital tools to tell your story and help you connect?

You might be right in the middle of a project, you might be right at the beginning; where you are if you need help or support from a freelance copywriter then drop me a line at


Can’t hold your tongue? Maybe self employment isn’t for you

I actively avoid confrontation. Anyone who knows my family and me might find this surprising. We are sharp, so sharp we could cut ourselves, my brother and I were frequently told. We like having the last word. We are impatient with unfairness. We have high standards. We bicker, have long (LONG) debates about anything from […]

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Well, that went well.

Five years ago it was cold. Really cold. I had handed in my notice to my sociopathic boss, walked out into a bitter winter armed with nothing but my wits and a commission to make a documentary on Terence Davies for the BBC. 2011 was an uncertain tumult. And it was cold. Bitter. Snow law […]

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Give the Turner Prize to Granby Four Streets

Assemble’s installation at Glasgow’s Tramways reflects what art is in our modern lives; it’s to be touched, to be brought into our homes, to bind our communities together. Art isn’t behind glass panels anymore, it’s on our streets. This is why Assemble should win next week. It’s quite an emotional journey from Cairns Street to […]

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