Audio Producer

I work as an Audio Producer and Editor, both on podcasts, radio documentaries, radio plays and digital arts events

As a former BBC Producer and Journalist, I trained as a Broadcast Journalist amd worked with the BBC for several years before moving into the arts. I began to make documentaries when I became freelance, including a special on the Terence Davies film, Of Time and the City.

I work as a freelance audio producer, recording and editing interviews and sound effects, planning audio series, mixing audio and providing technical advice on sharing and promoting audio.

Audio Producer, Series producer, Audio Editor Artists Ideas Now – Egypt & the Climate Crisis
Audio Producer, Series producer, What Happened in Baghdad
Audio Producer Homotopia’s Queer the City series
Northern Soul, Are we snobbish about art?
A walk through the city, Bido Lito Arts and Culture Podcast
The Bluecoat and Perestroika, Bido Lito Arts and Culture Podcast
God Save the Florrie, Bido Lito Arts and Culture Podcast

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