Arab Music Masterclass

A monthly radio show on Melodic Distraction exploring Arab music

As Creative Producer at Liverpool Arab Arts Festival I listen to a lot of Arab music, both contemporary and traditional. The idea for this show came from a conversation with the team at Melodic Distraction. It began as a way to have more in depth conversations with the artists we were programming for the festival and expanded into a more thematic show.

Each programme explores a country or genre of Arab music. We’ve been to Somalia to explore the disco origins that saw acts like Dur-Dur Band come to prominence, an d the blistering scene of Mogadishu in the 80s, to the underground clubs of ramalaah and the emerging hip hop scene there. We’ve covered the Egyptian music of Moon Knight and the Star of the East herself, Umm Kulthum.

Listen to the latest show here – it focuses on the music of Palestine and Palestinian artists.

You can listen to the previous shows here – Arab Music Masterclass on Melodic Distraction

I also have a playlist that I add to here on Spotify – Arab Music Masterclass Playlist

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