EHealth Cluster

In 2014 I was brought in by Max Zadow from Digital Creativity in Disability to help with the PR and messaging for Liverpool’s ehealth cluster.

A pilot project, the cluster brings together businesses working in digital technology and the creative sector to work alongside health partners and social care practitioners to develop ideas and products to help meet the challenge of an ageing population.

The central focus of the project is collaboration. By sharing expertise and practice we can gain perspective and develop products that encourage independent living, that help people with conditions like dementia stay in their homes for longer and have a greater degree of autonomy. We know that cities like Liverpool face a crisis where the need for health and social care is increasing while funds are diminishing. technology is not the only way to solve this crisis, but it is a key way of ensuring we can reduce pressure on both the NHS and social care practitioners already stretched and in need of support.

Liverpool’s ehealth cluster is developed by Mi and Liverpool Vision. Read more at

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