It’s Liverpool

Content strategy is a vital part of not just raising the profile of a brand but also helping to tell its story. I write regular monthly features interviewing case studies and draft magazine style, engaging articles for It’s Liverpool.

Part of Marketing Liverpool, It’s Liverpool helps to showcase the city as a place to live, visit, work and invest. I write monthly articles helping to tell the story of the city through its people, passions and places. Visitors can get under the skin of the city, discover the best places to go and eat, the story behind a certain building or project or find out about the champions who already live and work here.

Increasingly destinations want to have greater control over their image and story. Physically writing it an providing an online space where visitors can read and enjoy it does that.

From a digital perspective content is king online. Yes that’s an old phrase but it’s never been more applicable. In terms of SEO, regular and original content helps to increase rankings. It also provides content for social media.


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