Baltic Creative

Baltic Creative is a space for incubator digital and creative businesses in Liverpool. It’s a great place to work (I have my office here and share a shed with photographer Pete Carr) as it’s flexible, affordable and easy to collaborate and share ideas.

In late 2013 the management team at Baltic approached me about creating a narrative around the establishment of Baltic and the story behind its development. Later in the year Baltic Creative brought me on board to publicise a new exhibition space in the Triangle and an independent economic review  reflecting and measuring the impact of Baltic creative and its tenants.

By dividing the stories we could ensure the two elements got equal prominence. The economic success of Baltic illustrates the success of the development and five years marks an important milestone. The new exhibition space, named for two members of the Baltic Creative CIC РPaul Rice and Claire McKeown Рwho passed away, is across the road from the main campus and will feature a regularly changing programme of work. It is curated by castle Fine Arts.

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