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I compiled and wrote the Advanced manufacturing strategy for Liverpool city region, which showcased the new technology, systems and objectives for the industry moving forward to 2020.

In October 2013 a strategy for how Advanced Manufacturing could grow, expand and modernise in Liverpool city-region was published. At an event with guest speaker Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business some of the the region’s top manufacturers embracing new technology and systems showcased their work and best practice.

The report itself was one of three core elements articulating and illustrating a process that saw the LEP talk directly to manufacturers and help them to inform the policy-making process. The process built on a study by the Technology Strategy Board. Manufacturers, working with academics, ratified and fed into a data analysis process. By attending each workshop and interviewing case studies as well as analysing the results I was able to track trends and identity the common threads in terms of behaviour, technology and opportunity within the sector.

The report itself was compiled with a brief to make it accessible yet comprehensive. Much of the data needed to be understood quickly and easily. What resulted is a valuable policy document assessing the future for advanced manufacturing in Liverpool city-region for the next decade.

Turning data and case studies into a readabale and effective policy document often needs a good copywriter. With an existing understanding of the industry and the capacity to do further research I was able to turn research data into a narrative and platform for the industry, to be used for potential investors and funders. I went on to write policy and research documents for other sectors in the region, including creative and digital and maritime technology.

Read the full report, should you want to, here

Image courtesy Liverpool LEP

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