Liverpool Vision

I’ve worked with Liverpool Vision on website content and copywriting through It’s Liverpool, IFB, Visit Liverpool and on other copywriting projects both online and offline.

As a freelance copywriter I’ve worked with It’s Liverpool for four years, writing regular stories for their online editorial content covering what’s happening in Liverpool. This includes business interviews and profiles, arts and culture events, festivals, interviews with key individuals and stories about the city.

You can read the online content here.

When Visit Liverpool commissioned their new website I wrote a collection of around 20 blogs for the site, covering where to eat, drink, art, culture, visitor and tourist information for the city. You can read the blogs here.

I also write stories and features for the It’s Liverpool magazine available in the city.

I’ve written website content for Liverpool Vision’s website, which you can read here. and the city’s IFB festival here.


Often web copy just needs a little polish to help it to sing and this was the case here. The bare bones were there but it was too corporate and wordy. It needed cutting down and re-phrasing to sound more friendly. As a freelance journalist as well as a copywriter it often helps to make the It’s Liverpool content a little fresher and more interesting. Generic blog content can often lack appeal; it has an SEO purpose but also needs to be engaging and readable for social content as well.

If you need advice or support on redeveloping your own website, or need a freelance copywriter contact me at

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