What’s happening with Hootsuite and Facebook?


Managing myriad social media networks occasionally allows a flash of insight.

Some followers only comment when it’s an account with a certain amount of followers. Location based networks do really well if done with a cheeky chappy persona. Some celebs won’t tweet back, even if it is their home town getting in touch with them.

Often you get other, more useful insights. Like for example, how Hootsuite is bypassing Facebook’s algorithm changes.

Right off the bat I have no idea why this is happening. If anyone does email me at laura@lauramariebrown.com

Something shifted with Facebook in tail end of 2012. Reach suddenly dropped as if off a cliff. The change is because of its Edge Rank algorithm. If you’re measuring the effectiveness of your Facebook campaign by its reach – which is better than talk as it shows potential audience – you’ve suddenly seen figures drop.

My guess is that they want brands to pay to boost their reach. A link to pay £20 to boost each post is now there every time I add an update.

However, post from Hootsuite and it bypasses this, gaining the same level of reach as there was before the algorithm change.

Someone more technically minded than me might be able to provide an answer. I’d be keen to hear it.

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