Improving searchability and adding colour

If your website is the first place your customers and clients find you then it goes without saying it’s vital to help them see as much of you as possible.

Corporate events, new products, new clients, regular blog posts help show colour, personality as well as being an easy way to update your content without a complete overhaul.

SEO copywriting, that is, using keywords and increasing links to your site, with help improve the visibility of your company in search engines, helping you stand above your competitors. 

It can be time consuming and utilising the different tricks, developing the content and coming up with ideas can take valuable hours out of your week.

I’ve been working with a wholesale and consumer focussed beauty company called Dream Girl for six months, developing blog posts along with social media to increase the number of people visiting their website (traffic) as well as helping convert those clicks into sales by selling the various activity and products on offer.

It’s a flexible arrangement as the writing and social media only takes 3.5 hours a week. I’m on hand if they need more web content or writing to be produced. The blog sits within Dream Girl’s website and is linked to via Twitter and Facebook, as well as a monthly e-newsletter.

Read some of the blog posts and creative content at

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