The International Festival of Business 2014 is held in Liverpool this June and July.

I was approached by the marketing team in January to refresh and re-draft their website content for the newly designed website which launched this winter.

Having written the content as a website copywriter for the new Liverpool Vision website and developing a consistent tone of voice that was chatty, conversational yet professional for them I was able to extend the same approach to IFB. The first and often most important step for website copywriting is to develop a tone that fits with the brand and its behaviour.

Clients often ask my preferred way to write copy – generating new content, re-working existing. In fact both have their particular appeal as well as drawbacks. The content for the IFB website came from various different places meaning it became more important to create that consistent tone. A festival or event with several different stakeholders or partners always means there is a greater pressure to create that consistency so that the brand neatly falls under one umbrella. You’ll often find you’re getting a lot of copy from several different sources and organisations that needs to be carefully packaged up. It makes it easier to then talk to audiences and to ensure the message is easy to understand.

Have a look at the IFB website at www.IFB2014.com

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