Could you do with a Copywriter?

Yes, I know, this sounds like a total plug for what I do. But there is an important-ish message contained within. And you never know, reading this could end up saving you a lot of time.

There is a lot of information about how to make your website better. A lot of it is just plain common sense; don’t lie, be nice, don’t complain etc etc

Some of it, however, can be mind-fuddlingly confusing and so filled with jargon it is easier to switch off.

Jargon or no there are some absolute truths.

  • Your writing should be clear, concise and be reflective of your brand.
  • You should upload regular, original content. Not only does it give you something to read and tweet about but it’s also good for search engine

A copywriter can help with both of those things. Writing is something we are all capable of doing but some don’t feel it’s their strongest suit. Others love it but simply don’t have time to make sure there’s a new blog post or an e-newsletter good to go every week. You might not have time to research, develop your ideas or compile a finely crafted 500 word masterpiece.

Using someone who writes professionally means you can be sure the language will be excellent but also if it is someone who blogs regularly, particularly in your field, then they have a bank of knowledge just ready for you to tap into. It’s good to have a fresh perspective from someone from outside. If it’s your own business then it can be nice to have someone tell you where you can tweak your online content. Someone who can tell you what works and what doesn’t. It can also be nice to put those pesky blogs in someone else’s hands. You can either agree the titles once a month, once a week or ad hoc. Or have someone you can just email when a bit of news comes up.

For those who think it’s expensive as well, well then you just haven’t met the right one yet. I work on an hourly rate for smaller companies or one man bands because a daily rate is just a bit…. honestly it doesn’t take a day to write an e-newsletter and they shouldn’t charge you that.

Writing comes easy, good writing, well that’s a little harder to find.

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